Harmonious Learning

"Every number in the world has an incredibly important characteristic. It is either odd or even. Though oddness and evenness is conventionally taught in elementary mathematics, the significance of this intrinsic nature of numbers is very much overlooked. It is absolutely central  to the development of intelligence and acuity with natural mathematics as it is the basis from  which all other patterning and insights spring. Odd and even numbers behave in very different and unique ways.  This insight focuses our teaching of mathematics, and reveals and makes obvious what otherwise can seem mysterious and unattainable."

Odd 5


There is a natural and an unnatural way to do most things in life. When we choose an unnatural way the outcome can be destructive. If we find the natural way, we promote intelligence and creativity which is harmonious and enjoyable...


Damen Pitiroi, Knighton Normal School, Hamilton, New Zealand

"I am seeing things a lot clearer and with more purpose... it can cater to anyone of any age and of any ability..."