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Foundation mathematics for students of all ages & all learning styles
"..passed with first class honours..thanks to her numbers"
“I came in contact with Vera during my final year studying medicine. Being a mature age student, I struggled with memorising so many facts. Despite having completed my bachelor degree in veterinary medicine 15 years previously and having worked as a veterinarian since then, I found my brain more sluggish than ever before. Vera's work intrigued me, especially her results with children and she gave me a lesson to introduce me to her material. I noticed an immediate but unexpected benefit in my studies. I felt so mentally clear and could not only access learned information effortlessly, I could now also LINK previously learned information and see, almost feel, how it all fits together. I had a further four sessions with Vera and diligently did my numbers homework. When I passed with first class honours and a school medal for outstanding academic achievement, Vera was the first to know. I told her I felt it was thanks to her numbers I did so well. Now, 2 years later, I have started seeing Vera again for a little "tune-up" and look forward to keep working with her on a regular basis. I hope to be able to refer patients to her or people trained by her. Apart from children with learning and behavioural disabilities, I think there is a huge potential to benefit stroke patients or early dementia patients to name a few.”
Dr Willika Kurstjens GP 
I am grateful to have received the following testimonials from my students and their parents. 
"He feels more confident and is actually looking forward to some holiday sessions..."
I have found Vera Stevens work with 'her' Maths to be excellent, she has been seeing my 9 year old son for some time now, and he has always been 'very bad' at Maths and has got quite far behind. He is now at the point of not concentrating or trying at school, as he feels there is no point. However, at his sessions with Vera he is a different child. He tries hard, concentrates and enjoys the lessons, he feels more confident and is actually looking forward to some holiday sessions! I have found it very interesting to be part of these lessons and find I am looking at things in a different way. I struggled with Maths at school and wish that I had been given the opportunity to learn in a more enlightened/practical way.
Dr Kate Shapland GP
"...the passion for reading and maths...has been sparked in him"
Student testimonials for Pebble Maths
“Our 7 year old son Willow ‘loves’ doing maths with these techniques, and has advanced so much with his learning. It’s not so much his knowledge, but the passion for reading and maths that has been sparked in him. His teacher approached us and was surprised at the shift that has occurred with him over the past 2 weeks; and we have only had 3 half hour sessions! His teacher had no idea we had started him with this practical tuition. The shock to us was seeing the immediate benefits in his reading levels and memory. We want this in our school. This method should be in every school. Why is it not in every school? Thank you Vera.” 
Jeremy McLennan, CEO Gledge

"... now I love maths..."
“Before I started maths with Vera I hated maths. I refused to do my maths homework and I was nearly at the bottom of the class. After nearly six months of doing maths with Vera I am at the top of my class and I got year six maths homework (I’m in year five) and I’m the only one in my grade that got it. Working with Vera is fun and now I love maths and I want to do my homework.”
"The confidence this has given Ella has reached beyond maths alone."
“My daughter, Ella and I have known Vera for only a short while and yet the impact she has had on Ella in that time has been remarkable. Ella is a talented young lady ( just 10 ),very creative and somewhat ‘dreamy’,with and aptitude for literacy at school, yet she had difficulties with maths. Ella had trouble remembering the ‘stategies’ and rules as they were being taught to her and would become very aggressive and defensive when we tried to help her at home.She was always saying “I can’t do this , I am bad at maths, I hate maths” and my husband and I found this alone quite distressing. In about 4 or 5 lessons, Vera reached Ella and showed her that she CAN do maths and is actually very good at it! The confidence this has given Ella has reached beyond maths alone. Not long after starting to see Vera, Ella told me “Mum, everything seems to be going right for me at the moment- I love maths(!) and I ‘m swimming well.” Recently Ella came home from school very excited because she had been given some extension homework- the only child in her year- that is a huge improvement in less than six months. My husband and I cannot express how grateful we are for Vera’s wonderful way of teaching and reaching our daughter. I now know Ella will reach her potential.”
Beth Pitman, Parent