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Foundation mathematics for students of all ages & all learning styles
Pebble Maths Tutoring, Teacher training and seminars
Teacher Training
Personalised one on one or small group tutoring provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the course in depth and improve skills in a very short time. The beauty of this method is in the speed at which proficiency in arithmetic may be attained.
Teacher training, tutorials and seminars are available world-wide offering support and advice to students, parents and teachers who are learning or teaching Pebble Maths.

Teacher training is available through individual tutorials or staff development programmes.  
Seminars are designed to assist teachers to develop their own creative abilities so that they, together with their students, can continue to discover the joys of mathematics. Within the vibrancy of a motivated group, where sharing of experiences is encouraged, the contents of the manual and movies can be expanded upon and fully integrated by each participant.