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Foundation mathematics for students of all ages & all learning styles
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Director – Vedic Maths Academy (Great Britain)

The Vedic Mathematics Academy has had a long-standing association with Pebble Maths extending over decades. In the         simplicity and beauty of the Pebble Maths system we see the same approach to mathematics as in the Vedic system. Consequently we see Pebble Maths as a beacon in maths education and full endorse its aims and principles.


There is a natural and an unnatural way to do most things in life. When we choose an unnatural way the outcome can be destructive. If we find the natural way, we promote intelligence and creativity which is harmonious and enjoyable.

If we explore mathematics in accordance with the natural workings of the mind, the student's innate capacity is fulfilled. Sometimes this innate capacity is paralysed by inappropriate teaching methods or trauma in a young life, however this can be overcome with Pebble Maths.

Pebble Maths is suitable for all learning styles, especially visual learners. Many learners find conventional teaching methods hard to understand. This method enables visual learners to 'see' and therefore understand. Everyone from beginner learners, those with learning difficulties to those who have achieved already but with a struggle, can open open up mental capacity and explore the flow-on creative possibilities of Pebble Maths.

This system, by exploring the patterns that are inherent in the play of the numbers, enables the students to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally with ease. This creates confidence, not only in mathematics as there is a flow on effect in every aspect of of their lives. Please see testimonials pages.

Vera has written a teachers' manual for professional teachers as well as home school parents, tutors and all students who wish to further their understanding of mathematics. She has also made a series of videos, which make the teachings in the book very clear. Please check the products page for these items. 

After achieving this solid foundation in mathematics, the students are well prepared for more advanced work in the conventional system or the student can continue learning in this natural cohesive and mental way with more advanced Vedic Maths. Course books are available for students and teachers at www.vedicmaths.org 

Tutoring, teacher training and conferences are offered world wide.
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What is Pebble Maths?

design and development, and Vedic Math. 

She is a certified Vedic Math teacher, and has been teaching Vedic Math as a part of after school programs in the USA. She likes working with young minds and strongly believes that educators and parents can work together to make math learning fun for all kids. 

Swati and Vera met through a mutual interest in helping people with difficulties in comprehending the standard methods of teaching mathematics worldwide.

Swati is based in Boston (USA).
Pebble Maths Associates
Ken Williams
Swati Dave

Director – Pebble Maths (USA)

In her role as a Director, she is responsible for Pebble Maths             initiatives in North America, including Teacher Training, Student       tutoring, workshops/seminars, and other such activities.

Swati Dave has over 20 years of experience in the fields of civil         engineering, project management, educational publishing (K-12),     non-profits, adult teaching/training, corporate training, course 
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